Can You Help?

Ernest Henry Pagel on horse
contributed by Henry Ellis Pagel

We have a growing collection of Pagel Family photographs and welcome your additions. The following photographs are at the top of our wish list:

  • Gottfried Pagel (1800-1873)
  • Johanna (Anna) Zorn Fritsche Pagel (1810-1904)
  • Homes of Gottfried, August, Ernst and/or Julius Pagel at Pagel Settlement
  • Photo of Charles Pagel home while it was occupied
  • Any of August Pagel's homes
  • 1800s Home of Wilhelm and Emilie Pagel Appelt
  • Any of Julius Pagel's homes

Thank you, Tina Tinker, for providing a photo of Friedrich Wilhelm Pagel!

Thank you, Cathie Bass, for taking the Magdalena Fritsche Pagel photo off our wish list!

Thank you, Sally Fahrenthold, for taking the Friedrich Samuel Pagel photos and info off our wish list!

Thank you, Pam Reinhart, for taking the Wilhelm and Emilie Appelt photos off our wish list!

Thank you, Peggy Polster, for providing a photo of Ernst & Emma Albrecht!

If you can supply photos or any additional information please contact Rox Ann Johnson,

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